Almost Time!

I haven’t written many posts about the upcoming game systems, because until we get them in our hands, we don’t TRULY know how great they are going to be. But we are getting close! Microsoft has announced that the release date of the Xbox One (Launch Edition) will be November 22nd. The list of areas getting the system will be the UK, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and the USA.

The Playstation 4 has different dates depending on where you live. November 15th will cover both the US and Canada, while November 29th is the release date for Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Both systems are only a little more than a month away. Once delivered, expect there to be ALOT more posts as I compare the games for both systems side by side to determine which is the ultimate system!

Microsoft Reverses Decision on XBOX One

Well, it appears Microsoft finally smartened up with their Xbox One console ‘limitations’. After listening to ‘candid gamers’ it was decided that the Xbox One WILL be able to play used games. AND you don’t have to log online once a day as originally announced. Kudos to Microsoft for making this decision fast (for a HUGE company this was fast) and trying to compete on a more level playing field with Sony PS4.

Here’s where I see the problem is. Although Microsoft made the decision fast, the PS4 preorders have been flying high with ALOT of preorder sales. So the question is, will gamers ‘return’ or ‘cancel’ the PS4 preorders now to go with the Xbox One? OR have most of the PS4 sales been from PS3 owners that wouldn’t have converted anyways? I don’t feel the average gamer is going to buy both, but there will be some (like me!) who will be getting both. Lets hope for some more great announcements from both Microsoft and Sony!

Who Is Winning?

After reviewing several websites, reading news articles, looking at comparison charts and just thinking in general about what makes a great gaming console, if I had to purchase either the Xbox One or the PS4 today, it would be an easy decision. But before I just blurt out who I’d choose, I’d like to go through how I came to this decision. And to make it clear, the decision would be if I were to choose TODAY! Until the consoles actually come out it’s still a ‘judge the book by the cover’ situation.


I personally don’t think from a gaming standpoint that looks of the device is going to make much of a deciding factor when it comes to choosing either console. With that said, if all things were equal except looks, you’re going to choose the cooler looking console. First, let’s look at Xbox One:


The first thing I notice when I see the image is that one side is matte and the other is glossy. I’m not too keen on the design. I kind of like the round lines of the Xbox 360 and the classy gloss with even more slimness with the Xbox slim. The Xbox One looks like a big box. Which is fine except it looks like a hybrid, with the left side looking different than the right. Once again though, if it’s a kick ass machine, then I don’t care if it’s bright yellow and shaped like an old Atari machine.

The next console is the PS4, let’s take a look:

The PS4 appears to also be a bit glossy but mostly matte. It’s slightly stylized with a sleek ‘wedge’ type front. Personally I hated the design of all versions of the PS3 so this is an upgrade in my opinion for Sony. Not that looks will be the deciding factor for hardcore gamers, but if all things were equal I’d choose the PS4 for being slightly more visually appealing.

The Inside Power

Now the Xbox 360 vs PS3 had more of a battle when it came to what was inside, and both had positives and negatives. But this time around, these next gen systems appear to have a very similar comparison. Sony PS4 wins by a bit with it’s GDDR5 RAM (compared to Xbox One with DDR3 RAM). But if we take a look at PS3 vs Xbox 360, sometimes one edged out the other on certain games, and reverse for other games. Now they are even closer, so the real test will be when the machines are released will the games SHOW the power. Which brings us to…

Game Trailers

Now both systems will have crossover games so the trailers might be meaningless for those games. However, there are some exclusive games. Going to the Microsoft Xbox official website, the trailers for their ‘exclusive’ games are: Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Dead Rising 3. The Sony Playstation official site has trailers for their ‘exclusive games such as: Killzone Shadow Fall, The Order 1886, Drive Club, Infamous Second Son, Knack. Now I’ve watched all the trailers mentioned and although Microsoft has some good looking graphics, I didn’t get that feeling of excitement as much as I did with the PS4 games. So far, I’d give ‘exclusives’ to PS4 if I could only choose one system for games.

Final Thoughts

Looking through everything I’ve written, I think it’s pretty clear that, so far, I’m more excited as a gamer for the PS4. I know that there are other ‘things’ on the consoles such as Kinect and Move, but what I want to see is better graphics, more things happening on screen at once, photo realism, and great gameplay. And although I’ve given the win so far to PS4, I want to note that so far I haven’t seen anything mind boggling from either camp. I remember playing Crash Bandicoot for the Playstation and being blown away by the free movement, enhanced graphics, and detail not seen before on prior generation systems. Games have improved even on the systems we have now compared to when they came out years ago, but not as drastic as the previous jump in console development. But that might be a bold statement without having physically played the Xbox One or PS4. So let’s see what happens when these systems come out!

Welcome To Console Milk

Excitement is in the air as we come closer to the end of 2013 which only means one (or 2) things. Xbox One and PS4 will be available before the end of the year, and after several years without a hardcore gamers console (yes, I know there is a Nintendo product and maybe even others), we have Microsoft and Sony battling it out. This blog is made to discuss the consoles and games of only those 2 products (unless another ‘hardcore’ contender comes out with something big). Both companies are offering an ‘entertainment’ aspect, and yes, some of those things are pretty cool. But let’s face it, we aren’t buying these consoles to watch streaming videos of YouTube (okay maybe a little bit), but rather we want to see better graphics, larger games, and ultimate playability and fun! Microsoft has already made their announcements and within 1/2 hour of this post, Sony will be hosting their conference at this years E3. Expect another post within the next few days with who appears to be in the lead (and my criteria).